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Acute Care Clinic Info

Our Acute Care Clinic is available every weekday morning, allowing you to sign up beginning at 7:30am to 9:50am. The goal of our Acute Care Clinic is to get our patients in and out in a timely manner and our Q-Less system allows you to wait for your appointment at home. We our now calling you once you have entered to queue to get your child scheduled for the very next appointment available.  Our team of exceptional Nurse Practitioners is ready to see your child with symptoms like coughing, fever, sore throat, congestion, rashes, eye drainage and urinary symptoms.

New injuries are welcome in our Acute Care Clinic provided there isn’t any active bleeding. We recommend calling for a scheduled appointment for things such as ongoing abdominal pain, follow up visits from urgent care centers or emergency rooms, seizures, concussions, ongoing headaches, and any other symptom lasting more than 10 days, as these visits tend to take a little bit longer.

If you are unsure whether your child’s symptoms are appropriate for the acute care clinic, our triage team is available to help you decide. Acute care clinic is accessed by texting the word “treehouse” to 210.960.8404. Be sure to text us first and let us know you are coming so we can be ready. Our Front Office and Triage Teams are available by calling 512.255.8868.

Please note that our Acute Care Clinic is for established patients and families only.

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