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Marlo DeMasters,, , MSN, MBA, RN-C, Practice Administrator

Marlo DeMasters, MSN, MBA, RN-C, Practice Administrator

Meet Our Pratice Administrator

Marlo was born in Beford, Texas.  As a self described chatty child, she dreamed of becoming a Super Hero but once she realized she couldn't fly, she decided to become a Nurse. As an adult, her dreams of flying came true when she became a NICU Transport Nurse flying via helicopter, taking care of criticially ill babies. 

Interesting fact: Marlo tried out for the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders!  Her favorite thing about working with kids is the fact that she gets to wear crazy socks, and that it's a job requirement to talk about princesses and super hereos.  In her downtime she enjoys being with her furbabies, Lucy and Bogart, travelling and baking.   
  • Joined Treehouse Pediatrics: June 2016
  • Education: Masters Degree in Nursing and a Masters Degree in Business Administration, 2015. Certified as a Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse.

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