RSV, Bronchiolitis, and Your Baby

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Words to Know

acetaminophen (uh-see-tuh-MIN-uh-fin)— a medicine for pain and fever. Tylenol is one brand of acetaminophen.

bronchiolitis (brahn-kee-yoh-LYE-tis)—an infection that makes the lining of small breathing tubes of the lungs swell. The swelling blocks airflow, making it hard to breathe.

buprofen (eye-byoo-PROH-fin)— a medicine for pain and fever. Advil and Motrin are brands of ibuprofen.

nostril (NAH-strul)—1 of 2 holes in the bottom of the nose, where air goes in and out.

pneumonia (nuh-MOH-nyuh)— an infection of the lungs. Many different germs can cause pneumonia

Wheezing (weez-ing)—high-pitched whistling sounds when breathing.

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