• Payment: All payments are due at the time of service unless prior arrangements are made. We accept cash, personal check, Master Card, Visa, American Express, and Discover.  Any outstanding balances, including deductibles, are due within 30 days of the statement.  If you experience circumstances beyond your control, please contact our billing office to make payment arrangements.  All balances reaching 90 days past due will be sent to a collections agency.
  • Insurance: It is your responsibility to know your insurance benefits and to inform us of any changes. Some vaccines and/or procedures could be subject to deductible or denied for coverage. This is impossible for us to keep track of; however, please do not hesitate to ask if a procedure is typically covered and we will do our best to assist you. You are responsible for any fees that are not paid by your insurance carrier.
  • After Hours Calls: There is a $20.00 fee for any after-hours phone call to the doctor or triage nurse. This fee is waived if you are instructed to take your child to an Urgent Care or the Emergency Room.
  • After Hours Appointments: We are happy to be able to offer after hours appointments every day of the week and an acute care clinic on Saturdays.  There is a minimal “after hours” fee for these visits of $10.  This fee will apply to any visit starting at 5:00pm or later as well as our Saturday visits.  This fee will be taken on the day of the appointment.  It will be billed to your insurance as well and if the insurance company covers the additional fee it will result in a credit on your Treehouse account to be used toward future visits.  Over the next two months we will offer even later visits during the week and will increase the number of appointments we have available on Saturday to help during the cold and flu season. 
  • Card on File: With the implementation of our new electronic medical records system earlier this year, we have been able to streamline many processes.  One of these processes is patient payments.  We will start requesting patients to keep a credit card on file to make payments much easier and quicker.  No more having to wait for a statement and mailing in a check!  You will receive an email a few days before the payment is processed to let you know what the total will be and give you a chance to call with any questions.  If for some reason there is a large patient portion (which we understand can happen with some of the High Deductible Health Plans) you will have the ability to set up a payment arrangement for automatic monthly payments at a more manageable amount.
  • Payment Plans: We understand that not all of our patients have the ability to have health insurance.  For our self-pay patients, we have standardized our fee schedule.  This standardized fee schedule will apply to ANY self-pay patient.  We have a prompt pay discount for all fees that will apply if payment is made on the day of the visit.  If payment is not able to be made that day, a payment arrangement can be made.  This arrangement will be made based on our traditional fees and according to our extended payment arrangement rules.  Please see payment arrangement structure below:

$50.00-$99.99 (max of 2 months)
$100.00-$150.99 (max of 3 months)
$151.00-$250.99 (max of 4 months)
$251.00-$450.99 (max of 5 months)
$451.00-$600.00 (max of 6 months)

  • Behavioral Health Services: All patients using behavioral and mental health services will be required to hold a credit card on file as a convenient way to auto-pay. We have worked diligently with all major insurers to make sure they cover this important service, unfortunately, many insurance companies still do not pay for mental and behavioral health services. Your insurance plan may have a separate mental health carve out. This may mean a different company to file claims with and a separate deductible. We will be happy to file claims with your insurance first and notify you via email 5 days before your credit card is charged for balances due.
  • Cancellations: A 24 hour notice of cancellation of well child checks, ADHD visits, scheduled follow ups or consults is required.  Please call to cancel a same day sick visit with a minimum of three hours’ notice in order for another child to be scheduled.  Multiple late cancellations will be subject to dismissal from the practice.
  • Sibling without Appointment: We respectfully ask that you refrain from asking your doctor or nurse practitioner to examine siblings that do not have appointments.  This prevents us from properly documenting the visit in the medical record, as well as prevents us from seeing the next scheduled patients on time.
  • Divorce Decree: We are not party to your divorce decree. The responsibility for payment and the presentation of active insurance card at the time of service is the responsibility of the accompanying parent. Any information about office visits where one parent was not in attendance can be obtained by calling our office or logging in to the patient portal. It is not our responsibility to notify the absent parent of an office visit.
  • Termination from our Practice: Our office values its patient relationships and wants to protect patients’ rights. We will terminate patient relationships with cause and only after careful consideration. Reasons for termination include but are not limited to: repeatedly not showing up for scheduled appointments, not complying with recommended medical care, being hostile or abusive to staff, or not paying bills in a timely manner.